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Shenzhen Longyuan Lock Industry Co., Ltd. was established in March 2007. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of electromagnetic locks. It has a professional product R&D team and Production base;

The company covers an area of ​​2,500 square meters and has more than 150 employees, including 10 R&D technicians and 15 senior managers.

The company has always been dedicated, professional and dedicated to develop various high-performance electromagnetic locks according to customer needs. Longyuan people adhere to the development concept of "high-tech to create high-quality products", adhere to the "product first, service first" " for the purpose.

Longyuan Lock Industry aims to create a new field of high-tech lock industry and become a brand of electromagnetic locks trusted by consumers around the world.

Our company has obtained GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and fully implemented it.

R&D technicians have nearly ten years of technical experience in the smart lock industry. In order to ensure product quality, our company has established a reliability testing laboratory to conduct insulation resistance testing, withstand voltage testing, DC resistance testing, and thimble elastic testing for each batch of products. , Signal state test, emergency pull rod test, anti-violence unlocking test, high temperature and high humidity test, high temperature storage test, low temperature storage test, temperature shock test, mechanical life test, door closing test, salt spray test, wire strength test, anti-vibration test, More than 20 reliability tests such as voltage and current test, appearance test, etc.

  • people oriented

    Selection: Cultural identity, both ability and political integrity, truth-seeking and enterprising, and lofty aspirations.
    Educating people: improving quality, tapping potential, training is an effective benefit.
    Retaining people: Create an excellent environment for personal value realization, provide a career stage for personal value realization, and pursue harmony between personal progress and enterprise development

  • Quality first

    Longyuan products are synthesized and produced with the best materials, using the best technology and equipment, and through perfect testing equipment and mechanisms. Guaranteed, your first choice for quality!

    The electromagnetic lock has the advantages of high sensitivity, shockproof, anti-prying, and strong anti-rust ability, which fully guarantees the reliability and stability of customers during use. In order for customers to better understand the performance of electromagnetic locks and our company's control of product quality, we have done a series of standardized testing and verification for this product. Guarantee high-performance, high-quality products for customers.

  • Vision:

    Become the electromagnetic lock brand trusted by consumers around the world

  • Mission:

    Committed to providing quality products and services to thousands of households

  • Values:

    Quality first, customer first, pursuit of excellence, excellence

  • Slogan:

    "Technology creates quality" "Leading creates quality"

  • Design:

    You have an idea, and Longyuan comes to design.
    According to the e-commerce platform and the actual needs of customers, Longyuan designs unique and exclusive products for customers.

  • Development:

    Patented technology, contracted by Longyuan
    Intellectual property certification, patents and credit endorsements, Longyuan is your solid backing.

  • Production:

    Production management, Longyuan to check.
    Production cost, quality control, Longyuan helps you achieve high-quality and low-cost Chinese manufacturing.

  • After sales:

    After the product is sold, Longyuan will guarantee it.
    If the product has quality problems, Longyuan will help you return to the factory for maintenance in time.

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