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First, the sales elite

1 . Gender: Female, 18-35 years old, college degree or above, those who have engaged in relevant sales work for more than one year are preferred, and those with good qualifications can relax the admission conditions.

2 . Good customer communication and affinity, relationship management skills and excellent sales negotiation skills;

3 . Agile thinking, creative market development capabilities, independent development of customer resources;

4 . Passionate about work, willing to invest, strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility and initiative, honesty and integrity, high loyalty to the company;

5 . Salary negotiable

Second, the clerk

1 . Responsible for the processing of various office documents, business documents, contract agreements;
2. Social security bureau, bank, online banking operations and other related matters;

3 . Daily paperwork, data compilation and other general administrative matters;
4. Other matters assigned by superior leaders, attendance management;

1. Female, college degree or above,

2 . Fluent in Mandarin, good faith, good memory, meticulous work, serious, responsible, strong communication and language skills;
3. Proficiency in office software and basic network knowledge;
4. Familiar with administrative work such as recruitment, employee entry, and social security card;
5. Obey management, discipline and professionalism;

6 , salary is negotiable;

Specific requirements:

Good health, hard work, obedience management, good moral character, no bad habits, and relevant work experience is preferred. If the above positions are qualified, you can enjoy the company benefits;

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