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Express lock
Express lock

With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, more and more cities are beginning to construct the terminal network, which not only provides 24- hour service for the public , but also reduces traffic congestion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and plays a role in energy conservation and environmental protection. , completely change the e-commerce ' last mile of logistics problems'. The construction of the public intelligent parcel station network in China is also rapidly emerging. Because such smart express cabinets are placed in the downstairs of buildings and communities , the personnel of the venues are complicated and there is no special person to take care of . The customers have many valuable items or Important items, so the safety performance is especially important. The performance of the smart locks in the market is mostly suitable for supermarket lockers or smart letter boxes, etc., and the stored items are relatively less expensive, and the faults are also opened by special personnel, which can not meet the intelligence. Performance requirements for express delivery cabinets.

Express cabinet lock product features:

First, the anti-vibration explosion-proof and anti-mite performance in safety has reached the requirements of military gun cabinets.

Second, the undervoltage and overpressure unlocking of sensitivity have a considerable margin

Third, the installation and appearance of the use of a habit, regardless of the direction of the right and left , easy to install

Fourth, ultra-thin small size process , occupying small cabinet space

Fifth, the emergency unlocking device is flexible and simple

Sixth, the additional signals are flexible and flexible , combined with intelligent express cabinets

Seven, aging test 200W times to ensure that the coil does not burn

Eight, express cabinet lock built-in adjustable elastic gear position , can be applied to different size cabinet doors