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Supermarket express cabinet lock installation instructions

Edit:Shenzhen Longyuan Lock Industry Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-28

Supermarket express cabinet lock features:
Working mode: The door is closed (power off), and the power-on (12V) triggers the unlocking mode.
Emergency unlocking: There is no emergency unlocking mode in all directions of the lock body. In case of emergency, the cabinet can be unlocked or unlocked. For example, if the mechanical lock is installed, the key can be unlocked externally, which makes the operation simpler and more convenient.
Energy saving: the power is unlocked for less than 1 second at the moment of unlocking. Normally, the door is locked and the power is off. The voltage is 12V (according to the actual needs of the user: 5V-24V various voltage models)
Compact: The ultra-small size gives the cabinet more space and is easy to install.
Long life: aging test: 1.2 million times.
Commonity: no front and back design, multi-directional outlet holes. It is convenient for customers to walk, all the cabinets in the left, right, up and down directions, drawers can be used universally.
Safety: sensitive, shockproof, anti-mite, anti-rust.
Applications: Lockers, letter boxes, lockers, casket storage racks, casket storage racks, file cabinets, filing cabinets, drawers, meter boxes, lockers and other intensive cabinets, etc. are widely used in schools, mines, Factories, banks, troops, prisons, courts, hotels, farms, bathing centers, etc.
Installation instructions:
1. The user should read this manual in detail before using it to check whether the main accessories are complete. Before the installation, simulate the working mode of the electronic cabinet lock according to the circuit wiring diagram. The electronic cabinet lock works normally and then is actually installed.
2. The electronic cabinet lock is mainly composed of two major parts: the lock hook and the lock body. Please pay attention to adjust the proper contact between the lock hook and the lock body during installation, which is smooth and flexible.
3. There are red and black SM2P female terminals and black and white SM2P male connectors at the tail of the cabinet lock. Among them, red and black wires are electric lock power cable terminals, 12v positive and negative poles are not divided; black and white SM2P terminals are door state detection. The test line, this mailing sample is 12V, 2A, the feedback signal is the door open state feedback. After the door is closed, the black and white detection line is disconnected. After the door is opened, the black and white detection line is turned on.