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The lattice lock does not need to be the manufacturer of the cabinet for maintenance.

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With the continuous growth of the market economy, the convenience of transportation in China is getting stronger and stronger, and many people have the need to travel. According to the national statistical train station, bus station, and airport, the average number of passengers sent per day has reached more than 8 million. Whether it is business travel, travel, or visiting relatives, you can't leave the luggage and items you carry with you. You used to take all the items in the car. People are not only tired but also inconvenient to travel. Now there is the appearance of the locker lock. A large part of the customer's goods storage needs, then to ensure the absolute safety of the storage of items, it is very important to need a relatively smart locker lock, generally the cabinet manufacturers will find professional lattice lock manufacturers to make, this Because the lock is a delicate security industry, the required technology contains a relatively high amount of gold. At the same time, for the cabinet makers, the post-sales maintenance of the locker lock becomes very simple, and it is not necessary to do the cabinet manufacturer for maintenance. The quality of the manufacturers who make the locks is reliable, and the products can be tracked and processed in time to solve the problems of the users, and solve the after-sales problems of the cabinet manufacturers.

1.2017 smart express cabinet market will exceed 10 billion

According to statistics, the industry scale of China's smart express cabinets in 2014 reached 5.01 billion yuan, and according to the 2009-2014 data, we estimate that the market will be close to 10 billion in 2016, and 2017 will have a high probability of more than 10 billion.

2. Solved the pain points of unmatched delivery time, low efficiency, high cost and safety.

The emergence of intelligent express cabinets makes it unnecessary for the courier to spend extra time waiting for the recipient, saving the cost of the courier enterprise on another level. It also raises the safety of vulnerable people. As a new solution to the “last 100 meters”, being pushed to the cusp is also in line with the logic of the entire industry.

3. Intelligent courier cabinet three major business: receiving mail, advertising, community O2O business

Receiving and receiving: It is mainly the service fee charged to both the courier and the recipient.

Advertising fee: The fee is charged for the service form by printing on the counter and related platforms.

Community O2O: Earn O2O e-commerce channel fees or sales revenue by using the advantage of the courier cabinet in the community.

4. Three camps of express cabinet manufacturers: express department, e-commerce department, third-party enterprise department

The express delivery company expresses its intention to strengthen the control of the terminal delivery through the express cabinet, enriching its own express business model and creating a whole industrial chain.