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Smart charging cabinet lock is very practical

Edit:Shenzhen Longyuan Lock Industry Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-28

1. This product is mainly installed inside the equipment, in a waterproof environment.

2. The product must not be exposed to water, oil and organic solutions.

3. The product assembly is fixed with a suitable torque to avoid excessive tightening and lead to abnormal fastening.

4. Smart charging cabinet lock uses DC voltage regulator 12V-24V power supply (can be customized)

Because the names of different places are different, there are two explanations: a device that is used for charging management of electric vehicles, which provides 220V or 380V voltage to electric vehicles, and can manage functions such as charging start and stop, emergency stop charging and charging billing; One explanation is the rectifying device that turns the alternating current into a direct current point to charge the electric vehicle. Intelligent charging cabinet lock refers to the shared service provided by enterprises in subway stations, commercial areas, residential areas, campuses, hotels, etc., which is a new form of sharing economy.

The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with high-quality silent casters and 2 universal wheels with 2 brake wheels to facilitate the movement of the cabinet. 2. The circuit is equipped with an integrated power management series protection system to prevent overload and short circuit and prevent leakage, ensuring the personal safety of the user. 3. There is an engineering plastic compartment in the cabinet, and the tablet is placed in layers to prevent the tablet from being scratched. 4. The design of the handrail should be ergonomic, adopting elliptical stainless steel tube, beautiful and practical; the upper and lower decorative plates on the front side of the charging cabinet and the left and right doors are all designed with circular arc, which greatly reduces the problem of collision between teachers and students; left and right doors and maintenance The door has a vent to effectively discharge the hot air inside the cabinet. 5. The circuit board should be charged by USB interface to prevent damage to the equipment caused by excessive current current, which will affect personal safety. 6. The cabinet material is made of 1.0-1.8mm cold-rolled carbon steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, wear-resistant and anti-static, so that it can be safe and durable. 7. Adopting a fully enclosed anti-theft structure for security and security. 7. According to the actual needs of customers, support different tablets to charge at the same time, such as 10 to 60.